If you’ve ever had a mother, do not enable those who would diminish her.
She is not less because she is she.
If you’ve ever had a lover, do not empower those who would control who that should be.
You are not harmed by he and he.
There is no “other”.
There is only you, and there is only me.

We are one planet, one species.
One finite set of resources to be shared fairly.
There is no planet B.

Please try to do something today – every day – that makes the world a better place on average. Think about how to reduce the waste you will leave behind for other humans when you die: wasted energy, wasted heat, wasted materials, wasted time, wasted hate.

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zip QLab v4 Template 19-01-17 A decade’s worth of curated programming macros to speed up your workflow
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zip Gather & convert Dante Controller logs 1.0.1 No-frills utility to gather Dante Controller logs into a single file and convert the timestamps into a more readable form
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